USA Sport Connect is a New Zealand owned and operated company based in California.

Chris and Jess are from Christchurch, New Zealand and graduated from The University of Canterbury as Physical Education teachers. After a professional hockey career in the Netherlands from 2004-2007, Chris spent over 5 years in the NCAA system as the Associate Head Field Hockey Coach at Boston College. He then went on to coach the USA Mens Field Hockey team for 5 years, and is now a contractor with the USA Olympic Committee.

Jess completed a Masters Degree at Boston College in 2008, and was a Physical Education teacher in Boston for 4 years before starting the business in 2013. They have two children, Olivia (5) and Grace (2) and live in San Diego.

Chris and Jess both have first-hand experience with what it takes to succeed as a student-athlete in America and have an extensive network of contacts in the USA. The company is based on the belief that elite young athletes from around the world should have the opportunity to experience the American Student-Athlete lifestyle. It is not only a chance to improve and build upon your sporting skills and gain an excellent degree, but to experience the world, experience new cultures, and grow as an individual. 

The 4 years you spend in the USA, competing for and representing a college or university will set the tone for the rest of your life. 

They will be with you every step of the way as you decide on your future. You are not just a name and an email address to us. We strive to add the personal touch and to get to know your family. Overall fit from an academic, athletic and social perspective are vital components to the process. Once you are in the USA they check in on you regularly and are always available for any questions or issues.

They know how beneficial this experience is for young people and want to make it a reality for you!

Please email with any questions you have about the possibility of studying in the USA.