What does a scholarship include?

A scholarship covers your tuition, fees, dorm-room, and food. It also covers all sports related travel, clothing and equipment.

It does not cover your travel to and from America, incidentals for your dorm room, and the everyday expenses of life as a college student such as cellphone, dinners out, and other entertainment. There are now some opportunities where individual schools can offer additional stipends.

Other expenses that you are potentially responsible for are health insurance, certain registrations, and fees associated with the student F1 visa. You also need to pay taxes on your scholarship, but these can be claimed back after graduation.


How does the recruiting process work?

USA Sport Connect acts on your behalf to promote you, the student-athlete to specific universities. These universities are selected based on your high school grades, SAT score, sporting ability, and your desired course of study.

We then forward your video profile and resumes to select coaches and maintain constant communication with them. Many coaches will reach out to you as early as possible to learn more about you, and educate you about their program and university.


Is video that important?

Yes, for most sports your video profile is the first thing that coaches look at to determine if you might be an appropriate fit for their team. You will need to provide USA Sport Connect with game footage and sometimes independent skill footage. We will then edit and package it appropriately for coaches.

Other sports will rely on race results and times, but some footage is still important.


Do I need good grades?

The short answer to that question is yes. You will need to provide USA Sport Connect with all of your transcripts and certificates for all years of High School so it can be translated into the American GPA system.

In order to gain entrance to a university, regardless of whether you have been selected for a team, you will need to complete the SAT or ACT exam. The NCAA uses a sliding scale to determine your eligibility. The higher your GPA the lower your SAT scores need to be, and vice versa. Each individual school will have different academic criteria for successful admission, some are much higher than others.


Can you guarantee me a scholarship?

No, it is against NCAA regulations for us to be able to guarantee you a scholarship. NCAA rules allow us to work on your behalf as a "service" or "agent". That is also why you pay for our services before any such offers are made, and is not dependent upon them.


Can anyone receive a scholarship to play in the USA?

No, every sport has a certain amount of allocated scholarships that can be divided amongst the team at the coach's discretion. Some sports have more scholarships to offer than others. Division I schools, generally have more scholarships on offer than Division II schools.