Mary Edmondson - Parent, Western Carolina University ‘16

Personal attention given and on going support was outstanding. The college experience had many bonuses -development of resilience and interpersonal skills; building her sports skills; the opportunity to travel within the US and overseas and it helped her find an area of study she became passionate about. 
Thanks USA Sport Connect!!

Cindy & Marc Mendonça - Parents, Duke University '16

"We engaged with USA Sport Connect in Nov 2014 and quickly realised that Jessica's level of knowledge and assistance would be invaluable during our daughters journey along the USA sports scholarship path. Jess not only assisted with the mandatory requirements (such as the CV, SAT process, scholarship process) she went beyond our expectations with things such as her spreadsheet to compare universities and her numerous conversations with our daughter.  During this time she was totally impartial to what option would be the best and always focused on the fact the decision was our daughters.  When dealing with Jess we felt very comfortable to ask any questions and she was always available to assist.

From a two parents (who are both working) and a very busy daughter perspective we don't feel we could have come to the outcome for 2016 without using USA Sport Connect"


Rhonda Hamilton-Cross - Parent, Western Illinois University '16

"After visiting America and playing in some golf tournaments, our daughter qualified for the North American Junior Amateurs Golf competition and decided that America would be a fantastic opportunity to study and play golf to a higher level. We went through one agency who wanted a phenomenal amount of money with no guarantees and decided to look at other options. USA Sport Connect was recommended to us so we made contact. The professional and speedy responses given to us soon made us realise that this was whom we could trust and work with in order to make our daughter's dream come true. It has been nice to have Jess in the loop, advising us on all the options and taking over a lot of the initial introducing process as well as guiding us along the way. When you are on the other side of the world, working with a totally different education system, it is nice to know that Jess can be the mediator who can work with both client and universities in getting the best results. For our daughter to be accepted into a Division 1 university and being able to study Forensic Chemistry as well as pursue her dream of becoming a professional golfer, and being offered a wonderful scholarship, we are just so thankful to USA Sport Connect for making the dream into a reality."


Gary & Fiona Prest - Parents, St Louis University '15

"We have enjoyed working with USA Sport Connect in finding a US College scholarship for our son.  Jessica has been thoroughly professional giving a realistic view of options, explaining the process and pointing out the requirements of the college system and the NCAA.   She was able to simplify the details and carried out a thorough marketing process for us.  She showed a genuine interest in us and went well beyond the basics - we definitely got our money’s worth!  We would happily recommend her to anyone thinking of US Sport scholarships."


Carol & Colin Cadigan - Parents, Franklin Pierce University '14

"We initially started the process of finding an American University for our son Hamish during his last year at school, in 2013. We soon realized the huge task we had before us and were extremely overwhelmed.  Then we were lucky to meet Jess and Chris from USA Sport Connect and immediately knew that we could take a step back and let USA Sport Connect take over.

We were delighted with the outcome 6 months later with Hamish achieving a scholarship to Franklin Pierce University, just out of Boston.

During that time Jess was more than an email contact, Jess provided a very personal experience walking us through the process, gathering data, videos, working with NCAA, Universities, coaches, helping us all with our nerves along the way and everything else we had to overcome!  In particular Jess also has a great rapport with Hamish and continues to be available with various questions Hamish has while currently at University.

There is no doubt this is a very detailed process and USA Sport Connect were committed to reducing our stress and guiding us all along the way. We are so thankful to them enabling Hamish to meet his goal of playing soccer and obtaining a degree in America."


Maike de Jager, Boston College '12

"When I stood at the airport in the Netherlands, my home country, ready to go to study in America for one year all of my friends and family were there to wave me goodbye. My brother was holding a sign: “a year of your life, a life in one year”.
As an international athlete, I had the opportunity to study and experience the American life for one year in 2012. I am a field hockey player and was invited to attend and play sports at Boston College, it was an unbelievable experience which I still think about every day. Not only did this experience yield many lifelong friendships it also taught me to speak English fluently and get to know the American culture and myself better. I got the chance to attend a top-ranked University and get my master degree. I got the chance to play my favorite sport at the highest level in the USA. I got the chance to experience a different culture inside-out and life like an American. I got the chance to do all of this and I took my chances. 

I cherish the opportunity I had in experiencing the American University culture, and which both Chris and Jess helped me to realize. Without them, I would not have been able to go to America. Not only did they make me feel like there is no time difference between Holland and America, cause they are always reachable online for any questions, they also informed and advised me on fitting college programs. On top of that they helped me with the necessary NCAA registrations, and through all the steps of the application to get a VISA. They know what it takes to get into the USA, into an academic program at any university and into the sports team you desire. 

My brother turned out to be so right. It was an amazing, unforgettable experience to be a student-athlete in the USA. I wish this would become reality, for more International athletes, working with USA SPORT CONNECT is the best way to achieve this ‘life in one year’. So if you have the chance to become a student-athlete in the USA, take it."


Anna Wetherall, Boston College '12 - New Zealand Hockey Development Squad

"I have been fortunate enough to experience study within New Zealand and America. The possibility of studying in America as a post-graduate student was something that I took with both hands. I was provided with some of the best lecturers in the world and Boston college was very flexible for extra-curricular activities. 

Having accepted a Hockey scholarship, I was given a lot of benefits such as coaching, personal trainers, doctors, and physiotherapy. The facilities that are available academically and sporting are ten times better than what I have experienced within New Zealand. I was able to fulfill some of my goals which were to visit New York, Harvard and to play hockey at North Carolina. 

I know it may sound simple, but the everyday life of an American student is something to be proud of they have something for every individual whether that be sports, music, arts and culture. It is an experience which I will cherish forever and I will continue to travel over to America to see the friends I have made."